Fishing Bucket for Camping | Wash Basin

Portable Fishing Bucket is a necessary tool for you that helps you store all your essentials in it. It is a spacious basket that is also easy to carry because of its lightweight and soft handle. 


  • It is made of a seamless and durable TPR material
  • You can fix the bracket according to your convenience and use it easily
  • It has a non-slip handle that ensures good balance and safety
  • Its anti-water accumulation property keeps the basket free from access
  • It adjusts to the temperature nicely while being wear-resistant as well
  • It is a foldable basket that is convenient to carry as well


  • Material: PP+TPR
  • Expanded size: 48*27* 18cm
  • Folded size: height reduced to 7.5cm
  • Colors: Gray and White
  • Weight: 690g